The identity of HÄNSKA stems from our own personalities and creative energies. Our desire to develop a new way of constructing, one that redefined minimalism and functionality, gave way to the creation of our first rucksack in 2014: the CATAMARAN. It was inspired by the simplicity of a stationery envelope's design, modified to accommodate a non-stop, ever-changing, urban lifestyle.
 At a first glance, our bags seem simple enough; it's only until you can inspect one up close that the possibilities –hidden in the subtleties– reveal themselves. The little tweaks we add or subtract are what make a HÄNSKA bag unique.
We've grown quite a bit since 2014. Today we house a wider range of products and our team is composed by more than just two, but our principle of challenging construction boundaries has remained the same and will continue to be the driving force behind the brand.


To understand and create the most functional version of a bag, we start by observing how life in the city unfolds in relation to itself and nature. For the design, we find inspiration in traditional stationery elements and simple geometric shapes. For the construction, we merge our knowledge in industrial design and fashion, then give ourselves space to experiment and allow for chance encounters to help refine a new aesthetic language.
Each HÄNSKA bag is produced in our Berlin-based studio within a tight-knit team is an invaluable aspect of our creative approach, as it allows for a constant exchange of ideas.
We believe in using only high-quality materials that are certified, made to last, and locally sourced. Each product description contains a detailed list of the materials employed, as well as their origin. If you have questions about any of our bag's composition, send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
© All images by Rian Davidson

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