HÄNSKA does not sell or disclose any personal information to third parties except for logistic reasons, such as shipment of products.

We use session cookies in order to allow you to complete purchases or browse our shop's different sections. They also enable the site to automatically cancel a session, in case of misuse, for your safety.

We propose to you to use uMatrix, a website source tracking extension, for your browser. You can download it here for Firefox and here for Chrome

While browsing our online shop, you will be connected to our server, to (a JavaScript library that powers our image slider), and occasionally to, which is the video service we use for streaming our embedded videos.

We also use Piwik, a site traffic tracking software. Unlike Google Analytics, Piwik is self-hosted on our server so the data collected is only available on our on server. This data does not go to third parties or is monetized or exploited in any way.



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